Programme Design

Here at Karma Health and Fitness we provide the option of designing exercise programmes for those who cannot afford or who don't want personal training but belong to a gym and want some guidance.

This option however is really for those who have been training regularly for at least a year/2 years, who have a fair knowledge of exercise in general and are fully capable of training themselves.

A consultation will need to take place to discuss and obtain any relevant information needed to design the programme and maybe a few subsequent meetings at minus £10 the price to do any sort of accessory fitness tests needed to structure the training programme, as well as educate the client how to perform any exercises and explain why the programmes is structured the way it is.

Feedback and guidance will be given via email, text or phone call.

We also do a personal training and programme design package combining 1 PT session a week and a fully designed 6/12 week programme. This is good for anyone training for any kind of sport or event (e.g. wedding, assault course fun run, boxing match, pre-season football,etc)


Before the trainer and client embark on the transformational journey together a consultation is required. This includes the dreaded filling of necessary forms, goal setting, a basic posture and health assessment, range of motion and movement pattern assessment and a trial session. Consultations can last anywhere from 1-2 hours. Clients will need to come in suitable gym clothes and shoes and bring a bottle of water. All information gathered will be kept fully confidential and will be used in the designing of your sessions and/or fitness programme.

Educational sessions:

These sessions are designed to go over exercise technique, structure of the programme and to carry out accessory fitness tests if there is the need. A few of these may be necessary in order to thoroughly educate and guide the client before letting them fully embark on the programme.


  • Consultation + 6 week programme: £90 (£30 consultation, £10 per week programmed)
  • Consultation + 12 week programme: £150 (£30 consultation, £10 per week programmed)
  • Educational Session: £20
  • 6 week programme + 1 PT session a week + consultation: £210 (£60 for 6 week programme + £120 for 6 one to one sessions + £30 consultation + 1 free educational session)
  • 12 week programme + 1 PT session a week + consultation: £390 (£120 for 12 week programme + £240 for 12 one to one session + consultation £30 + 1 free educational session)