Mobility, Stretching and Meditation Session

All too often in this fast paced day and age filled with the use of technology and creature comforts like soft chairs, cars and computers, many people find themselves building up all sorts of physical, mental and emotional tensions.

Range of motion, posture, physical-mental-emotional comfort and wellbeing all seem to pay the price for the way modern age man lives. The issues which arise from these greatly reduce a person's love for life as well as their physical and mental wellbeing.

By using various mobility, stretching and meditation techniques the session is designed to alleviate muscular tension, improve range of motion, improve posture and relieve mental tension. It is perfect for those who live stressful lives, who are looking to improve their flexibility, and who want to claim back their own natural peace of mind. The sessions are also good to augment other training sessions. If you're going to do the hard and fast work which builds up muscular tension, you must make sure to do the soft and slow work which relieves tension. Physical, mental and emotional health and performance is all about achieving that ying/yang style harmony.


Before the trainer and client embark on the transformational journey together a consultation is required. This includes the dreaded filling of necessary forms, goal setting, a basic posture and health assessment, range of motion and movement pattern assessment and a trial session. Consultations can last anywhere from 1-2 hours. Clients will need to come in suitable gym clothes and shoes and bring a bottle of water. All information gathered will be kept fully confidential and will be used in the designing of your sessions and/or fitness programme.

Mobility, stretching and meditation sessions:

All sessions are catered to individual needs and in accordance with the personal information obtained from a consultation.

A typical hourly session involves

  • 20 mins of active mobility work
  • 20 mins of assisted stretching
  • 20 mins of meditation/relaxation exercises

Sessions may vary however to cater to individual tastes and needs


1 hour session- @studio gym £20, @home visit £30