Group Training (2-10+ people)

Human beings are social creatures and well known for their love of being active with other people. Exercising as a group is a great way to keep motivated.

It can even strengthen relationships, we are happy to arrange group exercise activities with a friend or family member, a group of friends/colleagues or even as a whole family. All participants require a consultation (which can be done individually or as a group) to discuss goals, assess their physical ability and help the trainer to design the sessions.

Sessions can take place at our private studio gym. However it is only really suitable for 2 people max. Outdoor sessions can take place in the garden of the studio (up to 4 people), in a local park (up to 10 people) or if a client has a house/garden/office/other venue with enough space sessions can take place there too (the number of people is dependent on the suitability of the venue).


Before the trainer and clients embark on the transformational journey together a consultation is required. This includes the dreaded filling of necessary forms, goal setting, a basic posture and health assessment, range of motion and movement pattern assessment and a trial session. Consultations can last anywhere from 1-2 hours. Clients will need to come in suitable gym clothes and shoes and bring a bottle of water. All information gathered will be kept fully confidential and will be used in the designing of your sessions and/or fitness programme.

Group sessions:

All group sessions are designed to cater to client's goals, needs and physical ability. The layout/style of the session will vary depending upon the individual and common goals, needs and physical ability of the group.


Consultation: £20 per person
1 hour session: 2 people @studio gym £30(£15 each), @ home visit £40 (£20 each)
4 people @ studio garden £30 (£7.50 each), @ home/park/other venue £40 (£10 each)
6-10+ people @park/suitable venue £5 per person