Bootcamps + Outdoor Classes

Karma health and fitness recognises that human beings are natural creatures living in an unnatural man made way. Taking exercise outdoors is a fun and refreshing way to break the monotony of the working/school and home environment and gets people using their bodies in the environment of which it was made to be used in.
The classes vary in style ranging from strictly body weight sessions, to military, sports team and circuit style sessions using equipment.
The classes are designed to cater to all levels of ability and function in such a way that the workout is essentially what you make it. They are made to allow you to go at a pace/intensity which suits your own level of ability.

All classes are £5 pay as you go

The Venue and times are:

@ Great Kingshill common, every Monday and Thursday from 9.15-10.30 am

More classes will potentially be coming soon at other times and in other areas.