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Karma Health and Fitness is more than your typical “lose weight” and “look good” fitness company. It fuses modern health and fitness principles and techniques with oriental and indo-european ancient wisdom. It openly recognises the need for a holistic approach towards exercise and healthy living to help people look and feel there best. Physical activity, diet and healthy living strategies if used with the right intention can not only help people develop the body they want or reach any sort of athletic goal. But it can develop them as a “person” and help them to achieve a healthier, happier and more meaningful existence. Karma health and fitness recognises there is more to life than just going to the gym and looking good. Exercise should be an enjoyable part of life, but not necessarily someone’s whole life. We encourage people to challenge themselves mentally, emotionally and physically (within reason) to help them to become who they want to be and achieve their goals in life. The aim of the company is more than just physical. It’s mental, emotional and spiritual. The company aims to lend the necessary help and guidance to people in order to make all these things possible. 

Peter Taylor- Owner of Karma Health and Fitness

Hi there! The names Peter Taylor and I'm a qualified personal trainer dedicated to helping individuals become healthier and develop a more positive wellbeing. I genuinely care for the welfare of all people and want to help increase the quality of people’s lives for the better. If it’s one thing I’ve noticed through experience it’s that very few people know how to be healthy, keep healthy and understand their own mind and emotions!

My aim is to help educate people using both my personal training knowledge and the understanding I've gained through personal experience and from studying ancient philosophy. So many people are becoming ill (physically and mentally) to diseases which they bring on themselves by not knowing how to live healthy in terms of both body and mind.

My efforts come from a deep heart felt place with a genuine wish to help people, help them to help themselves, and live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

After all what's the point of living an unhappy, unhealthy, unfulfilling life? Life is what you make it! And it’s your choice whether you make it a miserable or a joyful experience for yourself! So if I can help to achieve in helping others have a healthier and better quality of life then it was definitely worth the effort!

All the best from the bottom of my heart

Philosophy Of Karma Health and Fitness

Inactivity, unhealthy diet, bad/self-destructive habits, stress, and negative mental & emotional states are the main preventable causes of ill health, which also all contribute to lessening a person’s overall quality of life!

Karma health and fitness recognises these 3 basic principles/truths and applies them to your health and wellbeing:

  • The opposite of negative is positive
  • The opposite of what you don’t want is what you do
  • Every cause has an effect. Negative causes have negative effects & positive causes have positive effects

So to counteract those negative aspects and achieve a better quality of health and life, a person needs to do the opposite positive actions!

That means to be active, eat healthily, entertain positive and constructive habits/actions, find ways to manage and remove unnecessary stress, and develop positive mental and emotional states!

In doing so a person betters themselves and betters the quality of their own life in a positive way by removing the negative causes leading to ill health and a poor quality of life and consciously replaces them with positive causes leading to better health and a better quality of life!