1-on-1 Personal Training

Now being a personal training service and not highlighting the benefits of such a service would be very silly indeed! Why would personal training be of benefit to anyone?

A good analogy to use would be that of an artist. Now for a painter to create certain effects they have to use certain techniques and have to have the ability to perform them. Likewise when it comes to creating certain effects within the body, certain techniques and skills can be used and taught in order to bring about these desired effects. However the majority of people do not possess such knowledge or ability. Therefore having someone who can guide that person and use that knowledge to help someone achieve a desired goal would be beneficial in helping them achieve what they want to achieve! Like specific brush strokes and colours create specific effects on a canvas. Training and eating in specific ways creates specific bodily changes. The key is to know what techniques as well as when and how to use such techniques. A personal trainer can provide such information and offer great personal assistance to someone looking to achieve certain goals. Whether there image related, health related or lifestyle related, a good PT can help a person to achieve such things.

Also a PT can provide the necessary motivation needed for some people to keep active and become healthy. Having someone on hand who is solely dedicated to helping a person become better physically, mentally and emotionally can be of great assistance to someone who feels like they lack will power, motivation, or feels like they need such guidance. It is also useful for those who are not sure how to exercise properly. Having a PT can prevent weeks, months and even years of wasted effort and getting nowhere by providing the necessary information and guidance to help a person achieve their goals!

It definitely has its place in the health care community and can be a vital asset for anyone who feels like such a service would be beneficial for them!


Before the trainer and client embark on the transformational journey together a consultation is required. This includes the dreaded filling of necessary forms, goal setting, a basic posture and health assessment, range of motion and movement pattern assessment and a trial session. Consultations can last anywhere from 45mins-2 hours depending on how much chit chat goes on. Clients will need to come in suitable gym clothes and shoes and bring a bottle of water. All information gathered will be kept fully confidential and will be used in the designing of your sessions and/or fitness programme.


1 to 1 Personal training sessions are uniquely catered to your own level of fitness and ability and are designed to help you achieve your desired goals. All that is asked from you is to show up and put the effort in. A typical session usually lasts 1 hour and features a warm up, main session and a cool down with assisted stretching. However 1 ½ hour sessions are available for those who want extra stretching, meditation or sports conditioning services.
Sessions can either run at karma health and fitness's private studio gym or at a suitable location (park/large home garden/house with enough space to exercise in)


  • Consultation: £30, Variable time (45 mins-2 hours)
  • 1 hour PT session: £20 @ private studio, £30 home visit
  • 1 ½ Hour PT session: £30 @ private studio, £40 home visit
  • 1 session per week + 6/12 week programme design- see programme design section.